Businesses in Ventnor, New Jersey face new issues as summer season winds down

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Friday, August 21, 2020
Businesses in Ventnor face new issues as summer season winds down
It's been one challenge after another for businesses at the shore this summer.

VENTNOR CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- It's been one challenge after another for businesses at the shore this summer. After adjusting to the impact of coronavirus restrictions, a new problem is popping up for some.

"It's a feeling of helplessness and frustration," said Joe Shellem, the manager of Shellem Surf Shack.

Shellem said he is in business survival mode. Many of his walls are bare because he can't order the majority of his inventory from China, because he said there's a delay in the supply chain.

"Hopelessness, you counted on that income coming in, and now all of a sudden that income isn't there, and there's nothing you can do about it," said Shellem, "But yet the bills and the overhead that you have to pay and take care of, that doesn't go away."

Natalia Molinary, a server at Isabella's Cafe, said she understands feeling discouraged. She was out of work as a sever from March to June because of the pandemic.

"It's been difficult, I won't lie about that," said Molinary. "I was one of the few that didn't get unemployment. I'm still actually waiting on that, so it was a lot of, 'Hey mom, hey friends, can you kind of help me out.'"

Molinary said she's trying to focus on the bright side, thankful she at least she can wait on customers outside when the weather cooperates.

"Maybe if it didn't rain, people wouldn't get rained out, and it's been all sorts of stuff with the whole tropical storms and everything going on, but we're still surviving," said Molinary.

Molinary said she's thankful for the customers who take the time to make a reservation at Isabella's.

"We go through lists and lists, and we try to call, they're busy, or we try to go to an open table, and they still can't do it," said Mackenzie Sherman, from Penn Valley, Pennsylvania.

As the summer season winds down, seasonal and year-round businesses are hoping people will continue to take advantage of the hopefully mild fall weather, and continue to come down the shore.