Accused serial rapist in Philadelphia being investigated for attacks in 8 states

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Monday, May 24, 2021
Accused serial rapist being investigated for attacks in 8 states
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An accused serial stalker and rapist in Philadelphia is being investigated for attacks in a total of eight states.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Local and federal investigators say the man accused of going on a violent crime spree in Philadelphia is possibly linked to sexual assaults and robberies in a total of eight states across the country.

District Attorney Larry Krasner says there's really only one way to describe the behavior of 28-year-old Kevin Bennett.

"This is a predatory rapist, who has committed other crimes as well, but this is a predatory rapist," Krasner says.

Investigators say Bennett, who is from Indianapolis, for some reason allegedly chose Philadelphia to target unsuspecting women between May 15 and May 18.

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"Over the course of four days, Kevin Bennett terrorized and assaulted numerous women in Philadelphia," said Branwen McNabb, a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney.

In every case but one, Bennett allegedly followed female employees of gentleman's clubs in Philadelphia as those victims drove home from work.

In total, investigators say Bennett was involved in at least six criminal incidents, three of them ended with the victims being raped.

The list of charges filed in this case includes several counts of rape, robbery, burglary, and firearms offenses just to name a few.

The question now is how long will it take for the suspect to be extradited to Pennsylvania?

It turns out Bennett is being investigated for violent attacks in eight states including Indiana where he's being held behind bars.

But FBI officials say it was the information provided by Philadelphia police investigators, and the victims here, that helped them make the arrest this past Saturday.

"The investigation quickly focused on Kevin Bennett," says FBI Spokesperson Mike Breslin, "who after 36 hours of surveillance by our Indianapolis Violent Crimes Task Force was taken into custody."

Law enforcement officials involved in this investigation would not comment on Bennett's criminal history, other than to say he is a convicted felon.