Quakertown kindergartner recognized for high IQ by Mensa

Kipton Hardcastle is one of 107 children in his age group recognized by the organization.
QUAKERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Five-year-old Kipton Hardcastle is quite the go-getter. But unlike other kindergarteners his age, he can say he taught himself to read at 4 years old.

Kipton was recently accepted to an exclusive society known as Mensa, which recognizes individuals for their high IQ.

"Mom just yelled I was in Mensa and made her chair fall back," said Kipton about when the family received the news.

Kipton is one of 107 children in his age group recognized by the organization. His big accomplishment came with an official membership card and ID number. In the U.S., there are nearly 50,000 total members.

When asked if he thought he was smart, Kipton said, "Yes, because I figure things out."

Kipton's parents have stories for days, and they both said they knew early on their son was very gifted.

"When he was little he knew all his letters and numbers. He could point and read signs out in public," said Dana Hardcastle, Kipton's mother.

As a toddler, Kipton could name countries on a map. His father said he's always been a voracious reader.

"He would read airplane magazines. He would be sitting there giving planes names. He was like one and a half," his father Rob Hardcastle said.

His parents believe he will follow his passion for planes that will ultimately point him to his future career.

"Either a pilot or astronaut. Anything in the sky," his parents said.

Kipton confirmed he aspires to become a pilot. And while the humble five-year-old might be quite young, he is wise beyond measure.

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