The 'Chulita Vinyl Club' preserves Latino culture via music

ByLuz Pena Localish logo
Monday, February 7, 2022
Story behind Bay Area DJs preserving Latino culture via music
Meet the group of Latina DJs who are keeping their traditions alive through music.The "Chulita Vinyl Club" is not only spinning records. They are also ambassadors of Latinx culture.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Growing up Latino means growing up to a common beat.

"On the weekend, I just remember waking up and my mom was already playing Los Bukis or Los Temerarios and she was already cleaning. She was already cooking. It was just a part of life every day at home," said Mar Velez, DJ of Chulita Vinyl Club.

"Every Sunday, when I was at my grandpa's house he would say, 'OK I'm going to teach you how to dance merengue, salsa, and cumbia. Get all the steps down.' Sunday school for us was teaching me how to dance," said Gitana, DJ of Chulita Vinyl Club.

La Musica transports Latinos to their childhood and reminds them of home.

"In playing these songs, it feels like I'm there. Like I'm at a carne asada, or a birthday party, or a quinceaera," said Maryela Perez, DJ of Chulita Vinyl Club.

All these memories have shaped the lives of Mar, Gitana and Maryela. They are daughters of Mexican immigrants.

When they put headphones on and spin vinyl they walk in their purpose. They are LatinX DJ's known as the "Chulita Vinyl Club" with chapters in seven cities across the country.

"We are Chicano, we are Latino, we are brown and we are proud to play these records and hold them down as women and be a force to reckon with," said Gitana.

Their parents introduced them to their first records and now they are witnessing how their daughters are sharing their music with America.