'The ice cream truck is shut down': 4-year-old loses it over COVID-19 lockdown

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Adorable 4-year-old has epic rant over COVID-19 lockdown
"It's just not fair because everything that is fun also has to be shut down." A little girl's meltdown over COVID-19 closures is all of us right now.

PHOENIX -- A little girl from Phoenix, Arizona is seen venting her frustrations over the COVID-19 lockdown in a new viral video.

The four-year-old details everything that's wrong in her life during the pandemic, from the ice-cream truck being closed to the McDonald's playground being off-limits.

"It's just not fair because everything that is fun also has to be shutdown. The only thing open is nothing," she says as her parents are heard chuckling in the background.

Her very relatable meltdown has been viewed nearly eight million times on Twitter.

The video was shot by the father of the girl on April 3, and originally posted to the family's machouseblanc Instagram account. The youngster, Blake, is upset about the closure of many businesses, but, in particular, it's the news that "the ice cream truck is shut down" which brings her to tears.

"I mean why would germs come around people if they don't want germs to be around to them?"

The video goes on, with Blake again explaining that "everything has to shut all the way down" and "I don't want it to do that. It's not fair."