New York day camp enters 7th straight week of no COVID-19 cases

Thursday, August 20, 2020
No coronavirus cases at Long Island day camp
Crestwood Country Day Camp in Melville had plenty of safety protocols mixed with plenty of good luck.

LONG ISLAND, New York -- A day camp in New York marked its seventh straight week of operations without a camper or staff member contracting COVID-19.

Crestwood Country Day Camp on Long Island had plenty of safety protocols mixed with some good luck.

"Camp is like, normal every day. It's been unbelievable and seeing kids laughing and smiling, it's been better than it's ever been, I've been in this business for 27 years," owner Mark Transport said.

Even though camp is held mostly outside, Transport and his staff are hoping schools grab a few takeaways.

Counselors wore masks and kids repeatedly washed their hands. Campers were kept in small groups which were never breached.

It's also one of the reasons why the only big Long Island camp to have COVID-19 cases, Park Shore, contained it quickly.

At Crestwood, the staff was maybe the biggest variable.

"We told the staff, if they're going to those big parties, they're not working here," Transport said.

Only about 500 kids attended Crestwood Day Camp this summer, about half the number of campers during a typical summer.

But for the kids, it was camp as it should be and a glimmer of hope - that somehow - the delicate balance between normalcy and safety isn't impossible after all.