Underwater music festival promotes reef conservation

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Monday, July 10, 2017
Underwater music festival
To make the most of this music festival, wear your favorite underwater outfit and be ready to dive deep.

At this music festival, even mermaids can get in on the fun.

The Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival at Looe Key Reef was held in Florida over the weekend, with about 400 scuba divers and snorkelers listening to music picked out just for the occasion. Just as with other music festivals, some participants dressed up to show their enthusiasm, donning mermaid outfits and even a SpongeBob costume while posing with fish-shaped instrument sculptures.

The music, which was transmitted through waterproof speakers, included the theme from The Little Mermaid, the Beatles' "Octopus's Garden" and even the Jaws theme. In lieu of commercials there were public service announcements about protecting the reefs.

The festival was organized by radio station WWUS. Its news director, Bill Becker, is also the festival co-founder.

"The underwater music festival is a way to celebrate the coral reef, and we celebrate it by looking for a balance between protection of the reef and public enjoyment," he said. "The more people realize what's down there and enjoy it, the more likely they are to protect it."

The Looe Key Reef is part of the world's third largest living coral barrier reef. To learn more about reef conservation, visit the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary's website.