Loyalty Leather hand-paints and polishes custom made shoes and bags

ByNatalie Jason via WPVI logo
Friday, September 2, 2022
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Loyalty Leather in South Philadelphia takes top-grain leather to craft bags and hand-paint them.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Loyalty Leather, the South Philly-based studio of Cheryl and Kyra Ellzysmith, is filled with everything you would find in a custom leather goods maker space - tools, hides, patterns.

But the unexpected addition at Loyalty Leather is paints.

The couple takes full-grain leather hides leftover from the meat industry and makes sure they don't go to waste by crafting bags and hand-painting them with Cheryl's PAFA-trained expertise.

The shoes, made in a small family factory in Spain, get the same treatment, and allow for custom shoes to be designed in unique colors.

They refer to their creations as 'wearable works of art' and have an online store filled with options ready to order, as well as custom options made to specification.

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