Escape reality when you check into the Madcap Motel immersive experience

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Escape reality and check into the Madcap Motel immersive experience
The Madcap Motel in Downtown LA is full of visual oddities and whimsical wonders.

LOS ANGELES -- Madcap Motel is LAs newest immersive walk-through experience.

The 18-room motel currently occupies a 17,000 sq ft space in Downtowns Arts District. There you will enter an alternate dimension they call "Elsewhere", where you can explore hidden passageways, uncover hidden rooms and interact with the motel staff for a unique adventure.

"I believe what sets us apart is the storyline, and the fact that we are not a place where we are just about the photos," says Founder and Creative Director, Paige Solomon. "We are about the story and how it makes you feel."

There is something for everyone of all ages and video and photography is strongly encouraged.

"Its definitely worth your time. You don't know what to expect behind each door, and you're going to have a good time regardless of how old you are," says Jacob Burress of Temecula.

"People have been so deprived of anything entertaining, anything fun," Solomon told Localish. "What we want to share with people, and what we want them to experience matters more now than ever before."