Maggie Q Comes to Philadelphia to Talk About "The Protege"

No stranger to action and adventure, she leads a star-studded cast in her latest film.

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Monday, August 23, 2021
'The Protégé': Chat with Maggie Q.
Chat with Maggie Q, the star of The Protégé.

Maggie Q is back in her latest action role as "The Protege", in theaters now.

She plays an assassin seeking revenge for the death of her mentor.

I caught up with Maggie Q here in Philadelphia.

No stranger to action and adventure, she leads a star-studded cast in her latest film.

Among the Hollywood A-Listers on board are Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson. Director Martin Campbell, famous for his work on Casino Royale, is at the helm.

Maggie tells me her character, Anna Dutton, is everything you would want in a femme fatale, but her emotion is just as powerful as the hard-core action.

"She's fierce, she's no joke," she says. "But we didn't want to create this sort of 'out for vengeance,' action female who is always tough," she says. "If we couldn't make her a multifaceted human being who moves in the world, just like a normal person who has the range of emotions that any person does, then we weren't making the film that we wanted to make."

Her character, Anna Dutton, is the world's most skilled contract killer.

She crosses paths with the equally dangerous Rembrandt, played by Michael Keaton.

Their relationship takes some unlikely turns.

When I asked Maggie her favorite part of this film?

"It's easy to say some of the action stuff, because it was so big for me and very memorable," she says. "But I would say the acting side with Michael. We have these dialogue scenes where I felt like we really created a relationship that people are going to find entertaining."

Check out the video above for our full interview, and find out what she loved best about her time in Philadelphia.