Voters have begun mailing their ballots in New Jersey

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Voters begin returning ballots in New Jersey
New Jersey Postmaster assures voters system is equipped to handle mail-in ballots

SICKLERVILLE, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Some voters already have their ballots in the mail in New Jersey.

"I sent my ballot right here at the post office because I trust our US postal system," said Joe Thomas of Winslow Township, pointing to a post office on Sicklerville Road in Sicklerville. "I made sure I got it in nice and early so they can give them time to process it."

Letter Carrier Melanie Shallcross has worked at this post office for 20 years.

"It's different this year, definitely," said Shallcross before embarking on her route. "We have done this since the Civil War. We started with the mail-in ballots. We've been around since 1775 and there's no reason not to trust us."

This year, every New Jersey voter was mailed a paper ballot to turn in by November 3, allowing voters, who so choose, to submit their ballots early by mail or to an election office or dropbox.

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"There's definitely an influx," said Shallcross. "It is handled as first class. It's top priority, as is every other piece of mail."

Shallcross advises voters to mail their ballots early.

"If you're getting to the deadline where you feel uncomfortable, take it to the ballot box," she said. "If you feel more comfortable, take it to the ballot box."

Post offices do have measures in place to make sure ballots get to their destinations.

"We do have a task force, an election task force, in place this year and our logo is 'no ballot left behind'. Every day the office is cleared, and it's checked," Shallcross said.