Man left in Houston church nativity scene seeks info on birth mom

Saturday, August 22, 2015
Man known as manger baby is looking for info on his birth mother
Man known as manger baby is looking for info on his birth mother.

HOUSTON -- DJ Williams is known as the 'manger baby' because he was left in a Christmas nativity scene inside Saint Anne's Catholic Church on Westheimer in 1971. He was only six days old.

Women noticed a baby moving in the manger, but nobody saw who dropped him off. DJ's discovery made headlines in the Houston Post.

Almost 44 years later, DJ lives in Baltimore with his partner Michael and their six-year-old son. Now, he is looking for answers to questions so many others already have.

DJ grew up just northeast of Houston in Dayton. His adopted parents have since passed on.

Not resentful, DJ believes his birth mother made the right decision to drop him off in a safe place, in the arms of the church.

Still, something is missing, DJ says, "Knowing someone exists who looks like you, maybe has you same nose, whatever it might be. You want to have that connection."

DJ is hoping someone who still lives in the Houston area might remember his story and may have some information about his birth mother.