5 teens charged after congresswoman carjacked in Philadelphia; vehicle located in Delaware

One of the suspects, a 19-year-old, was turned over to the FBI to be charged with the carjacking.

Thursday, December 23, 2021
5 teens charged after congresswoman carjacked in Philadelphia
Five teenagers, one just 13 years old, were arrested in Delaware after a United States congresswoman was carjacked in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Five teenagers, one just 13 years old, were arrested in Delaware after a United States congresswoman was carjacked in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Delaware State Police troopers responded to 2800 Fashion Center Boulevard in Newark, near the Christiana Mall, around 8:18 p.m. after Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon's stolen Acura SUV was spotted.

The SUV was unoccupied at the time, police say, but troopers say they conducted surveillance on the vehicle and spotted five suspects entering the SUV.

The suspects tried to flee as they were approached by police, but were eventually captured.

The suspects include 19-year-old Josiah Brown, a 14-year-old girl, and three males ages 13, 15 and 16. All of the suspects are Wilmington, Delaware residents.

Brown was involved in the armed carjacking in Philadelphia's FDR Park, police say, and was turned over to the FBI for formal charging.

The other teens were charged with receiving stolen property. The 15-year-old was also charged with resisting arrest and criminal mischief.

All the juveniles were released to their parents or guardians, while the 15-year-old was taken to a detention center, police said.

The carjacking happened around 2:45 p.m. on the 1900 block of Pattison Avenue in FDR Park after a tour including members of Congress.

Police say Scanlon and her staffer were walking to her parked vehicle when they were approached by two armed men driving a dark-colored SUV.

The men demanded the keys to her vehicle, police say. They took off with her blue 2017 Acura MDX.

Her personal cellphone, government cellphone, purse and identification were inside the vehicle.

Scanlon and her staff member were not injured. She did not want to comment as she left South Detectives.

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon

In a statement, her office said she "thanks the Philadelphia Police Department for their swift response, and appreciates the efforts of both the Sergeant at Arms in D.C. and her local police department for coordinating with Philly PD to ensure her continued safety."

Scanlon, a Democrat, represents Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District, which includes part of South Philadelphia.

FDR Park is within City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's district. He says these carjackings are happening at all times of day and that anyone is falling victim.

"Right now in the City of Philadelphia, people feel like there's a sense of lawlessness. At the end of the day, you see carjackings taking place during the holiday season. We see people being robbed of their Rolexes, so at the end of the day, we have to figure out how do we get ahold of this senseless violence," Johnson said.

Mayor Jim Kenney said he was "appalled" to learn about this crime.

"It's disheartening, and quite frankly infuriating, that criminals feel emboldened to commit such a reckless crime in the middle of the day in what should be a place of tranquility and peace-one of Philadelphia's beautiful parks," Kenney said in a statement. "My thoughts are with her during what I'm sure is a traumatic time."