Ice cream and teas find their perfect matcha at Chinatown's Cafe Maiko

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Ice cream and teas find their perfect matcha at Cafe Maiko
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Matcha Cafe Maiko is cooling down the summer with Japanese-inspired drinks and desserts featuring matcha plant.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Matcha Cafe Maiko is cooling down this summer with Japanese drinks and desserts in Philadelphia's Chinatown.

Matcha Cafe Maiko's treats derive from Asian cultures with a Japanese focus providing a globetrotting experience for your taste buds.

The main flavor is matcha, which is infused in drinks and desserts such as the popular matcha soft serve.

"Most of the world's high-grade matcha comes from Japan, and ours particularly comes from Harima Garden in Uji, Japan, which is just south of Kyoto," said Ava.

Matcha isn't the only flavor on the menu. There's also Filipino-inspired Ube and Pandan from Vietnam is a rotating seasonal flavor on the menu.

Customers come back for authentic flavors from Asia that can be found right here in Philadelphia.

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923 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19107