6abc proudly celebrates McKissack & McKissack Construction

McKissack & McKissack is the oldest minority-owned architecture/engineering firm in the U.S.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As part of our celebration of Black excellence, 6abc recognizes McKissack & McKissack, the oldest minority-owned architecture/engineering firm in the United States.

  • McKissack & McKissack is a national architecture, engineering, program and construction management firm with experience working with clients to envision and deliver building and infrastructure projects that enrich people's lives and empower communities to flourish.
  • It's the oldest minority-owned architecture/engineering firm in the United States.

  • Leatrice McKissack assumed the role of President and CEO in 1983 when her CEO husband suffered a debilitating stroke. Before she retired from the business in 2000, Leatrice was honored by being named National Female Entrepreneur of the Year by President George H.W. Bush in 1990 and receiving the Presidential Design Award from President Bill Clinton in 1994.

  • In 1993, opened first office in Philadelphia at 1515 Walnut Street.
  • In 1998, as part of a tri-venture, provided construction management services on the $350 million NFL stadium for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • In 2000, Cheryl McKissack Daniel was named President and CEO
  • In 2000, awarded first contract at Philadelphia International Airport, with construction work comprised of multiple terminals, hangars, and land- and airside projects.
  • In 2014, won first prime contract in the State of New Jersey, providing the City of Camden CM services for the Nine Pump Stations Project.
  • In 2016, provided Community Outreach and Workforce Development services and expertise in locating and identifying opportunities for the local and community workers in the city of Camden.
  • In 2016, awarded a 2nd prime contract with the School District of Philadelphia, managing all design and construction initiatives for a 4 year period.
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