50 Cent, Awkwakfina, Lil Wayne and more read 'Mean Tweets: Hip Hop Edition'

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Friday, August 10, 2018
Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign and more to read 'Mean Tweets: Hip Hop Edition'
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Jimmy Kimmel's ''Mean Tweets'' has seen movie stars, athletes and more reading mean tweets about themselves, and now it's hip hop stars' turn.

The latest to sit in the "Mean Tweets" hot seat: hip hop stars.

Jimmy Kimmel's iconic segment has seen movie stars, athletes and more humble themselves to read the mean things someone has said about them on the internet. A new edition aired Thursday night during Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the rap stars had quite the variety of reactions to what internet trolls had to say.

Awkafina said she was well aware that she "has the voice of a 58 year old divorce attorney." Remy Ma said she'd be ready to physically fight whoever tweeted that she "physically fights her beats."

"I just farted and it smells like @Wale entire discography," someone wrote of Wale, to which he replied, "You must be eating curry goat."

See a clean preview in the video above or watch the full video here.