Rapper Meek Mill to Pop Warner football champs: Keep being winners

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Thursday, December 31, 2015
VIDEO: Meek Mill honors winning football team
Rapper Meek Mill honored the Northwest Raiders.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Rapper Meek Mill joined Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter to honor the championship winning Northwest Raiders football team on Wednesday.

"I came to tell these young fellas, no matter what you're going through in life, no matter where you're at in life, keep being winners. I represent dream chasers. I know you all had a dream of winning this championship, didn't you? I had a dream of being a successful rapper and making some money and feeding my family," Mill said.

On December 12th, the 24 young men rallied from a 19 to 0 deficit to win their second back to back Pop Warner National Super Bowl Championship for the midget division.

The final score was 34 to 19.

"We're all young men, we come from Philadelphia, most of us come from poverty, and we use those things as motivation to take our families to the next level. How many of you want to be successful, want some big money in life? All of you, right? I just want to give a shout out, support you guys, my arms are open to invite you anything I have going," Mill said.

The Northwest Raiders were honored in City Hall.

The rapper then asked if any of the Raiders are Meek Mill fans, which got a laugh from the championship team.