Tourists spend rainy Memorial Day weekend visiting monuments, museums

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Sunday, May 30, 2021
Tourists spend rainy Memorial Day weekend visiting monuments, museums
Tourists spend rainy Memorial Day weekend visiting monuments, museums

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The weekend rain didn't stop tourists from visiting Philadelphia monuments for Memorial Day. Some people say they're excited to be traveling and enjoying the holiday weekend with family.

"This is like the heart of the country over here, you got to be a part of it, even with bad weather," said Hope Caton, who traveled from Austin, Texas for a family wedding.

"What bad weather? You're with family, there's instant sunshine to be with family for the first time in years. It's such an amazing feeling," she said.

She waited in line Sunday to visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. At Independence Mall, there are still some COVID-19 restrictions in place, including mask-wearing inside buildings. Outdoors, those who are fully vaccinated can walk around without masks on.

"It does feel good. You know it's funny how quickly you adjust to not having the mask on, so outside feels ok not having it," said Andrew Cook of Rochester, New York.

Inside the National Constitution Center, live exhibits are back and so is special Memorial Day programming, including flag etiquette workshops and a history on American Memorials.

Memorial Day is also the perfect time to visit some of the city's war memorials, like the Korean War Memorial, the Philadelphia Vietnam Veteran Memorial, and the All Wars Memorial to Colored Soldiers and Sailors.

"Spend time with those who have sacrificed their lives for me being here today," said Bill Sautter from Port Richmond.

He spent his morning laying flowers at war memorials in Old City. He says it's important to remember fallen heroes.

"I have one person that I actually do know who died in Beirut," Sautter said.

He said he was determined to pay his respects despite the rain.

The weather is looking up for the Monday holiday, however, which should be good news for Memorial Day parades and services.