Minding Your Mental Health - A 6abc Town Hall

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Thursday, May 20, 2021
Minding Your Mental Health - A 6abc Town Hall
6abc and a panel of experts are exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of people from all age perspectives, and discussing coping with racial trauma in communities of color.

Action News Anchor Tamala Edwards hosts an in-depth discussion on Mental Health Awareness.

Several doctors and therapists discuss a wide array of topics including general mental health awareness during COVID-19, stressors from work/family/relationships, increasing suicide rates and re-entry anxiety.

The discussion also includes children and how parents can monitor the mental health of their kids during this pandemic and ease re-entry anxiety as they head back to camp/school.

The panel also discusses dealing with racial trauma and PTSD from the constant images of the George Floyd Murder/Black Lives Matter Protests/Asian Pacific American Discrimination/Derek Chauvin trial, along with how to combat fatigue on race-based conversations with co-workers/family/friends.

Registered Nurse and Health Reporter Ali Gorman discusses how to access the care you need for yourself and others. Plus we hear from a high school sophomore who received counseling after being bullied and put together her own Town Hall of experts to dismantle the myth around accessing mental health services for students of color.


Dr. Kelly Campanile

Psychologist, Main Line Health

Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson

Licensed Family & Relationship Therapist, CEO

Dr. Christi Weston

Psychiatrist, Capital Health

Dr. Davido Dupree

Cognitive Psychologist, Asst. Professor, Community College of Phila.

Dr. Krysti Vo, MD

Psychiatrist, Owner - Vo Care

Dr. Chuck Wisniewski, DO

Adolescent Psychiatrist, Main Line Health

Dr. Erica Wilkins

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Jefferson Health

Shelby Riley

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Special Guest:

Grace Barlow

Sophomore, Abington Friends School

Created her own town hall on mental health awareness for students of color