Custodian graduates from school he cleaned for 8 years

Monday, May 23, 2016
File Photo: Graduation caps

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Last weekend's graduation ceremonies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts was truly special for one man.

Michael Vaudreuil, 54, received his mechanical engineering degree from the school.

He took a custodian job at the school eight years ago, shortly after losing everything when his plastering business failed.

The school offers tuition-free classes for employees, so Vaudreuil started focusing, not just on the job, but also his studies.

Vaudreuil says he found the classes challenging and loved "being stretched" intellectually. He also recently heard from several of his former classmates, who said he inspired them.

Now with degree in hand, Vaudreuil is looking for his next challenge in the form of a new job.