Monolith pops up at this Texas college campus

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Friday, December 4, 2020
Austin college students and staff keeping it weird with new monolith
The mysterious monoliths have been popping up in Utah and California. Now, one has been discovered in a place that's close to home.

AUSTIN, Texas -- New monolith alert!

Another metal monolith has popped up. This time it was found in Austin and we know exactly who put it there.

The structure is located at Austin Community College. According to the college's Twitter account, students and staff built and installed it as a way to be part of the monolith trend.

"We wanted to keep things weird in ATX. So, ACC's Welding Dept made this awesome structure for you to enjoy," the college wrote on social media.

Similar monoliths have been found in Utah, Romania, and most recently in California. As for who put them there and the reasoning behind it remains a mystery.


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