Day 2 of long lines at New Jersey MVCs, but Gov. Murphy says help is on the way

THOROFARE, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Makayla Wells of Sicklerville was first in line on Wednesday morning after spending the night outside the Motor Vehicle Commission in Thorofare.

"I got here at 11 'o clock last night," Wells told 6abc.

About 30 minutes before opening, the line stretched all the way to Crown Point Road and wrapped around the entire building.

Breair Kizee of Williamstown remarked, "This is ridiculous. People are cutting, they're not caring about people."

Some facilities have been designated as Licensing Centers and some as Vehicle Centers. They opened Tuesday for the first time in three months, with a text messaging system in place, intended to prevent overcrowding.

"I came up here the day before, and they turned me around said Justin Jones of Sicklerville.

Diana Bravyak of Mantua said, "I'm a nurse, so I'm concerned because I think we're way too close together, not everyone is wearing masks. So with everything going on, I'm a bit surprised they're even allowing this to happen."

Chad Conshafter of Paulsboro added, "I'm not understanding what's going on here, why we're not able to register for an appointment online. Then you got a set date, a set time."

Officials are urging people to wait a week to go if possible.

Many say day two is actually an improvement from the first day, but during a news conference on Wednesday, Gov. Phil Murphy said help is on the way.

Murphy said the MVC centers will remain open on Mondays throughout July, a reversal from prior plans. He added that agencies will be closed on Saturday, but beginning on Monday, will be open six days a week.

Murphy said that to ensure the centers do not go understaffed, he is exempting MVC personnel from any work furloughs.

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick previously called on Murphy to take immediate action.

Vincent Hines of Pine Hill stated, "They should have one day for kids to do their license and the following day for restorations. They need to come up with a better system."

Murphy said he understand the frustration and "we will do better."

"We are going to work harder and better to deliver a better experience. We need to literally have every hand on deck, every day serving the public," he said during the news conference.

There are transactions that can be done online. Make sure you check the website to see if you can skip the trip.
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