Jewish-owned business vandalized in Narberth; police search for suspect

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Saturday, March 16, 2024
Jewish-owned business vandalized in Narberth
Jewish-owned business vandalized in Narberth; police search for suspect

NARBERTH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Narberth police are investigating after someone tagged the side of a Jewish-owned business and scrawled "Free Gaza" with spray paint.

The discovery on the alleyway wall adjacent to Nana's Kitchen was discovered by another business owner while taking out their trash. They noticed it Thursday, but Nana's Kitchen owners said police told them it could've been there for as long as a week.

On Friday police came back out with borough officials to remove it.

Owner Gladys Fink Senderowitsch is Israeli.

Her daughter Lee said they have two Israeli family members -- 44-year-old Yair Horn and 37-year-old Eitan Horn -- currently held captive by Hamas.

"Whoever hate us and want to show to us, I just want to say we're very strong and we're not going to go," said Senderowitsch outside the restaurant Friday.

"My mom's personal goal, her life goal, is to give jobs to people, to anyone, to support our communities. Both our Jewish communities and our local community," added Lee.

During our interview, a crowd of supporters appeared just in time for lunch to show their support. Once inside, before they ate, they sang Israeli songs to the mother and daughter.

"This is just expressing antisemitism. Someone want to say it's pacifism, it's not. I'm afraid for my family, but we stay strong," said Gladys.

Anyone with information is asked to email Sgt. Michael Vernacchio at