New Jersey moms create circular retailer to help parents, environment with sustainable fashion

PATERSON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Kids grow out of clothes so quickly, and if the old stuff isn't cluttering our homes, it often ends up cluttering the planet.

Two New Jersey moms created a first-of-its-kind circular retailer for children's fashion that saves time, money, and the planet.

"The idea and the inspiration for Borobabi started with the birth of my daughter Evelina," said Carolyn Butler, co-founder of Borobabi. "She was only a few months old, and I was swimming in piles of outgrown clothing, clothing that was handed down and clothing that she didn't fit into anymore."

Carolyn and Meris Butler are the co-founders of Borobabi, a new company designed to help overwhelmed parents and our planet with sustainable fashion.

They found that almost all clothing, whether donated or handed down, ends up in the landfill to the tune of 81 pounds of clothing per person per year.

So they started Borobabi, a circular retail model, which means clothes stay in rotation.

"We know that shopping sustainably can easily become very overwhelming," Meris Bulter said. "As parents, we're totally on overload, especially this past year."

Carolyn Bulter added, "We use regenerative agriculture, and we use organic materials that are safe and not synthetic. We then utilize the clothing to its fullest potential through our rental model or our buyback model, and then we take all the clothing back and recycle or compost it."

No matter if you rent or buy, if their clothes end up with stains, holes, or tears, they will take it all back, reuse, recycle, and compost when necessary.
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