Amanda Peterson, Star of 'Can't Buy Me Love,' Dies

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Amanda Peterson, the star of "Can't Buy Me Love," has died at 43, her mother told ABC News.

The former actress's mother Sylvia told ABC News that her daughter's death was "unexpected" and the cause will be revealed pending an autopsy. Police in Greeley, Colorado, said Peterson was found dead in an apartment complex and was alone, according to the Associated Press.

"It was just a very big blow," she said.

Peterson's career began when she was a child, with guest roles in "Father Murphy" and "Silver Spoons." She also had a part in the short-lived TV series, "Boone."

However, Peterson is best known for playing popular high school student Cindy Mancini in the 1987 film, "Can't Buy Me Love," alongside Patrick Dempsey.

In the movie, Dempsey played a nerdy young man who paid Peterson's character to pretend to be his girlfriend. Just a few years later, though, Peterson quit show business. Her last credit is listed as Julie Moore in the 1994 film "Windrunner."

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