Business owner writes letter of forgiveness to burglar

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (WPVI) -- A business owner gives a lesson in forgiveness unlike many you have seen.

It was written by a café owner who was the victim of a theft.

Someone broke into Abdul Elenani's business in Brooklyn, New York last week.

The burglar or burglars got away with three thousand dollars.

But instead of calling the police, the owner decided to write an open letter, a very large one to whomever who stole from him.

It reads, in part, if the money you stole was to better you and your family's living, then I forgive you. If it was stolen for you to go out there and ruin yourself and health, I still forgive you and ask of you to fix yourself."

"It's my religion. It's the way I was raised up, is to always forgive and always to give," said Elenani.

When asked what he would do if the burglar or burglars fessed up, he says he would give them a job.

Elenani says the nice gesture has actually led to six marriage proposals on Facebook.
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