Cruz Has Heated Exchange With Trump Supporter

Monday, April 25, 2016

Columbus, Indiana -- Outside an Indiana ice cream shop today, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz stepped off his campaign bus and was almost immediately confronted by an angry Donald Trump supporter.

Kathy Hiel questioned Cruz about the delegate process, accusing him of rigging the system. The contentious exchange ended with Hiel saying Cruz isn't a natural-born citizen and Cruz saying that if Trump had been confronted by a voter challenging him, the Trump campaign would have threatened the voter with violence.

Afterwards, Hiel talked to ABC News and identified herself as a Trump supporter. She bashed the decision by Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich to coordinate in three states.

"With the collusion of Ted and the Republican Party and John Kasich I feel that they should -- both men should just step out. They're just doing nothing but trying to hurt the front-runner when they actually don't have a chance of winning," Hiel said.

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