MLK Day march fills streets in Center City

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- Thousands of people filled the streets of Center City Philadelphia on Monday afternoon for the MLK Day of Action, Resistance and Empowerment march.

The march started at the headquarters of the Philadelphia School District, with the crowd then moving down Broad Street and around City Hall.

The march then moved down Market Street and eventually to a rally on Independence Mall.

There was a huge police presence and roads were shut down as the peaceful march moved through the city.

People of all ages, races and religion were protesting a number of social causes including a higher minimum wage, police tactics, and education funding for Philadelphia schools.

Those participating said the march is the embodiment of everything Dr. King stood for: equality and activism.

"I am here because I support my black brothers and sisters, I support economic justice, I support reclaiming the image of Dr. Martin Luther King," said Sean Massa of University City.

"It thrills my heart to see this kind of action," said the Rev. James Wright of the National Action Network.

He went on to say he was happy to see the march was interracial.

"It's not just African Americans, it's not just whites. We're all here together."

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