NTSB: Pilot error led to aborted takeoff in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA -- Federal investigators say pilot error was the "probable cause" of an aborted takeoff two years ago in Philadelphia that collapsed a jet's nose gear.

The National Transportation Safety Board says in its final report that US Airways Flight 1702's pilot and co-pilot chose to takeoff rather than ensure the plane's computer was properly configured.

The report, released Thursday, says the first officer entered information for the wrong runway before the March 13, 2014 flight took off. The captain had her fix it, but she failed to re-enter key data.

Once the plane was off the ground, the captain declared it unsafe to fly and throttled down. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida-bound Airbus A320 fell to the runway and skidded 2,000 feet.

Two of the 154 people aboard sustained minor injuries.
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