OWL UPDATE: The owl Cecily Tynan rescued is doing well

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We are told that the owl should be released back into the wild in August.

The baby screech owl Cecily Tynan rescued on Monday is doing well!

Cecily found the owl fledgling on the ground on Monday morning during a run at Ridley Creek State Park.

In a post on her Facebook page, she writes that she was out for a trail run when she came across the baby owl.

Cecily posted video of the owl, which was clearly in distress.

In the next video, she managed to pick up the owl and was on her way to the Schuylkill Wildlife Center.

Well, on Tuesday we checked in on Ridley (Cecily named the owl after the park where he was found) to see how he was doing.

We are told that the owl was not injured, but very dehydrated. He has been getting fluids, it started eating, and it should be released back into the wild in August.

And it's even made a new friend!

Rick Schubert, the Director of Wildlife Rehabilitation at the center, tells us, "(The owl is) doing a lot better now. It's actually with a buddy that was brought in - another screech owl that came in under similar conditions, which is making it feel a lot better to be with one of its own species."

And the wildlife center says Cecily did a great job, and wanted to thank her for helping to save the owl's life.

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