PPA director resigns amid sexual harassment accusations

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The embattled head of the Philadelphia Parking Authority resigned on Wednesday, one day after he was suspended.

Executive Director Vince Fenerty was suspended on Tuesday. His firing was expected to be recommended on Thursday.

Fenerty had been the subject of a 2015 sexual harassment finding, but even as late as Tuesday morning he was being defended by PPA Chair Joseph Ashdale.

That changed Tuesday afternoon when it was learned Fenerty had been the focus of a prior sexual harassment complaint in 2006.

There has been no comment from Fenerty.

After the 2015 finding, Fenerty was ordered to undergo behavioral counseling, lost his unilateral ability to hire and fire, and reportedly could not go on overnight trips with co-workers without board permission.

Fenerty makes about $250,000 per year as the head of the PPA, the agency that oversees on-street parking enforcement, taxis and towing.

At that earlier meeting when Ashdale had vigorously defended Fenerty the head of the cab association questioned if a cabbie would be able to work if he admitted to sexual harassment.
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