Nonprofits race to raise funds for youth programs amid surging city violence

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- While the last 24 hours have brought an alarming number of shootings, local nonprofits aimed at keeping the city's youngest and vulnerable off the streets are racing to raise funds to continue programming as violence surges.

Teens from Power Circle Mentors, As I Plant This Seed and A Bro Inc. spent the first of two nights Thursday night hitting their neighborhoods to raise money for programming this summer.

The groups say they are in some of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods.

The city's violence is one of the many reasons why organizers are racing to raise funds for their summer programing.

"Our programs are in the middle of the hood where things are going down," said Eugene Thomas from Power Circle Mentors. "So, if they're not at our center and we're not able to meet their needs and requirements, then they're going to run back to the streets."

"I just want to add that those are my fears as well. But those aren't fears when it comes to raising this money today," said Ryan Harris from As I Plant this Seed. "We're going to raise the money - that's the easy part. But the hard part is the work that will still continue after we raise this money."

The grass roots effort is hoping to keep kids safe, especially this summer when violence tends to peak.

Fundraising efforts will continue again Friday evening.
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