Officials warn of counterfeit cash circulating in Berks County

READING, Pa. (WPVI) -- The proliferation of counterfeit money is certainly nothing new, but it is becoming an increasing concern in Berks County.

District Attorney John Adams says, "We have seen it as a consistent problem in our area."

Adams says the best way to stem the tide is to catch counterfeiters early in the game, because Adams says if they achieve early success, "You can bet, rest assured, they're going to run to the next business and try to use their counterfeit money there also."

That is why authorities across Berks County are urging local business owners and managers to educate their employees about counterfeit money detection, invest in counterfeit detector pens, and teach workers about the imbedded images in real currency.

But even on a basic level, Cumru Township Police Chief Madison Winchester says if a bill doesn't look right, or feel right, it's probably not right.

"There's nothing that says you have to accept anything that comes into your possession. So, if you feel this is a fraudulent bill then don't accept it and call the police," he says.

Meanwhile, Lorraine Miller, Assistant Manager of the Deluxe Diner in Cumru Township, says she learned the hard way that banks are under no obligation to honor the counterfeit money your employees unwittingly accept.

That's why she says if you are not careful counterfeiters can sink your business.

She says, "If you have a day when it might be a little slow and you take a couple of counterfeit bills it can put you in a hole as far as sales and paying the bills."

Of course, making and distributing counterfeit money is a federal offense.

Anyone with information about counterfeit money in Berks County is asked to call police.
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