Metta Baby Infant Wellness Studio offers treatments for your infant

Pampering isn't just for adults: little ones can now take part in a day of relaxation at Metta Baby Infant Wellness Studio.

The Bucktown studio offers the benefits of water movement, baby massage and developmental activities for babies starting at 2 weeks of age.

Baby Hydrotherapy studios first emerged in England, Spain, Australia and South Africa and popped up in the US five years ago.

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"It's a natural environment for them, it makes the little ones feel like they are back in the womb," said Rachel Curran, owner of Metta Baby Infant Wellness Studio.

The babies wear comfortable neck floats and swim around in 95 degree water.

"We bring them over to our floating stations here where we have our instructors fit them for a float and lower them into the tub. It takes them a minute and once they realize, they can start moving weightlessly, they take off," Curran said.

Metta Baby specializes in unique classes that pair infant water movement with a mini-massage session and caters to infants from 2 weeks to 6 months old.

Metta Baby parents say their little ones get better motor skills, better sleep and sometimes experience better digestion.