Perkiomen Creek in Graterford reached record flooding levels

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Major flooding caused by raging Perkiomen Creek
The Perkiomen Creek in Graterford, Montgomery County is causing major flooding, the worst seen here in Graterford since 1996.

GRATERFORD, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Tropical Storm Isaias caused historical flooding in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

The Perkiomen Creek in Graterford has just reached 19.14 feet, breaking the old record-high crest of 18.3' from way back in 1935.

The Duck Inn in Graterford was flooded out. The 500 block of Route 29 also was shut down due to the floodwaters.

The Perkiomen Creek, usually quiet and serene, was fierce Tuesday with a raging current that swept many things in its path.

Workers picked up chairs on the deck that had been recently built outside the Historic Duck Inn as the floodwaters rose higher.

"A lot of water, the most I've seen since '72," said Ike Jones of Graterford. "Gonna be a lot of cleanups."

Kashief Watson of Graterford said, "This is the first time I've seen it this bad."

In nearby Collegeville, Montgomery County, streets began flooding out Tuesday afternoon, catching some people by surprise.

"I actually drove through that which is stupid, absolutely stupid. But I didn't have anywhere to go but I made it through," said Kristen Tannullo of Collegeville.

Matt Getzfield was keeping a sharp eye on the floodwaters that slowly crept up the backyard towards his home.

"We just keep making sure the house is good and everybody's safe," said Getzfield. "And if we have to leave we'll leave."

Kim Tiegs and her kids were unable to get to their homes due to floodwaters.

"It's already been crazy 2020 this year, you didn't think anything else could happen, and then this goes on," said Tiegs.