What's the Deal: Saving money on pet food

Feeding Fido and Fluffy can get pretty pricey.

"There's a really big range in prices for pet food. Some stores charge 40% or even 50% more than other stores for the exact same product," said Kevin Brasler of Checkbook Magazine.

Checkbook Magazine recently compared prices on 11 different brands of pet food.

"We found that the lowest prices were at the local big discount chains likes Sam's Club, BJs and Walmart," Brasler said.

Sam's Club's prices were 25% lower than the average prices at retailers they checked, BJs came in at 22% lower and Walmart's prices were 18% lower.

When buying online they said your best bet is at chewy.com.

"It's prices are actually about 17% lower than Amazon for the stuff we checked," said Brasler.

Checkbook also said to take advantage of additional online discounts.

"You basically get 5% for agreeing to take regular deliveries," he said.

Checkbook said another tip in saving money is to watch the ingredients in their food. Brasler said to stay away from excess fillers.

"Keep in mind that protein is key. So you might be able to feed your pet a lot less dog food and cat food if the protein count in that food is really high," he said.

To see the full comparison of pet food prices from Checkbook Magazine, CLICK HERE.
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