Shelter Me: Senior Dog Haven and Hospice

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This week's Shelter Me winner is giving dogs a second chance later in life.

This week's Shelter Me winner is giving dogs a second chance later in life.

Jasen and Megan Buchmann took a chance on Bear when no one else would.

They adopted Bear in July 2015.

Megan says, "He's an older dog with some injuries, and some issues that probably a lot of other people wouldn't be interested in him."

Bear was found on the streets of Philadelphia with facial and leg fractures, but since being adopted by the Buchmann family he's a whole new dog.

"He's very affectionate very loving, and very happy," said Megan.

Megan and Jasen adopted Bear from Senior Dog Haven and Hospice, a rescue dedicated to saving older dogs.

"And make sure that their last years are nice and they're healthy and they're well taken care of and comfortable," said Megan.

The Rescue provides hospice care for dogs who don't have much time left, like Sandy.

Jennifer Karakul and Eleanor Garrett are the Co-Chairs of Senior Dog Haven and Hospice.

"Her last moments won't be traumatic. They'll be with her family and you know we've become her family and we adore her," said Eleanor.

Ollie was found as a stray and is looking for his forever home. Neurological issues have left him walking with the "Ollie strut."

Jennifer added, "Some people might find it off putting that he has this little swagger, but he gets along."

Lucile is a 10-year-old Pomeranian mix who's missing some teeth, but she'll be smiling when she finds her forever home.

"As long as she's in someone's lap she's good," said Jennifer.

Miss Lizzie would be perfect for just about any home.

"The most loving dog. She's great with kids. She's great with other dogs," said Eleanor.

Faith and Tilly are both blind but would make a fine family pet.

"And there is Miss Daisy. She is around 10-years-old. She's house trained, she's sweet," said Eleanor.

And finally, Marco. He's a 10 and a half year old Chihuahua mix. He's terrific with families with children as well as cats and dogs. And he is looking for his forever home.

If you're interested in Marco or any of the animals you've met today you can visit the Senior Dog Haven and Hospice website.

And, if you'd like us to share your shelter success stories, post a picture to the FYI Philly Facebook page using #6abc Shelter Me and tell us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you.

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