Group of high school seniors giving back to younger Philadelphia students

NORTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Three high school seniors continued their efforts of helping the community by hosting a backpack giveaway through the organization they created.

More than 200 book bags stuffed with supplies were ready for students who attend the Tanner G. Duckrey School in North Philadelphia Friday.

Three high school seniors were behind this effort. Their organization is called Going Green. They started a couple of years ago by teaching younger students how to take care of the environment. But they've since shifted focus now that students are learning virtually due to the pandemic.

"We're just trying to help out any way we can since they're not in school and we can't do things in the garden, so we just want to be able to supply them with things they might need for school," said Going Green co-founder Finn Kent.

Their efforts are all about offering support and encouragement.

"We want to make sure that we don't just come in and provide a rain garden for these students and just walk away. We want to show that we're still here to support them, we're going to be here with them after COVID and through it all too," said founder Beau Greisiger.

The seniors said they were able to buy the supplies thanks to a generous donation from the Sheller Foundation.

"Backpacks, we've got a ton of patterns, headphones with microphones so that kids can work in the quiet at home. And then notebooks, pencils, folders and some Duckrey masks," said co-founder Alice Zehner.

All of this sends a bigger message of how older children can set a great example for younger students.

"These older kids are learning to give back and the legacy of service is something that will stick with them throughout their lives," said Pennsylvania Senator Sharif Street.

The three student organizers also said they plan on expanding their initiative to other schools in Philadelphia.
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