Philadelphia Eagles welcoming back 'rowdy' fans, hope for some momentum

"We could've used the help from them in the first two games."

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Eagles pumped to have 'rowdy' fans back to create momentum
While the stands won't be packed, fans could make a difference this Sunday in turning around the season.

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The best fans in football will be back on Sunday.

That's right, Eagles fans in a small capacity will be allowed back at Lincoln Financial Field Sunday after the City of Philadelphia announced it will allow up to 7,500 people into the stadium, including players, coaches, teams, in-stadium personnel, media.

A limited number of tickets will be on sale with first priority going to season ticket holders, but there will be some noise back in the stadium that has been so silent.

Will they make a difference?

I can tell you as someone who has actually been at all the home games this year, the fans would have made a difference.

Even when the Eagles are playing badly, that's probably where they would have made the most difference. Those first two games the team would have been booed off the field -- but those boos probably would have made them have a little bit more urgency so as not to make any more mistakes.

Now surely the fans have to be so pumped to get to be back at the Link, but you know who was also excited ... the players.

"We could've used the help from them in the first two games," Eagles offensive tackle Jordan Mailata said. Yeah, we missed these guys a lot. Fans are a big part of the momentum and causing the third-down distractions. So yeah, it's hopefully a good number of fans that we have this weekend. It can still be rowdy."

So, Jordan Mailata wants fans to be rowdy and Eagles fans know how to be rowdy.

Hopefully, the defense is a little rowdy too, and the Eagles can get a win on Sunday against the Ravens.