Sports bars welcome back Eagles crowds on game day, with some COVID precautions

Because of COVID concerns, some Eagles fans plan on staying in for the game.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Sports bars and Eagles fans enjoyed the return of the football season and the first game in two years where full capacity at restaurants is allowed.

At Chickie's And Pete's in South Philadelphia, customers did have to wear masks when they walked through the door, but proof of vaccination was not required.

"Last year, we did have the Eagles around, but with all the restrictions and stuff, it wasn't the same experience, so we're super excited to have everyone in the building to have a real experience," said manager Anthony Bermudez.

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His team spent the morning preparing the restaurant and setting up balloons for the hundreds of people who walked through the doors on game day.

"When everybody comes in, we ask them to put their mask on when they're walking around. When they're sitting at a table, they can take it off. But when they go to the restroom or anywhere they're not sitting, they have to make sure to mask up, Bermudez said. "We're more than happy to supply one when they walk in to make sure everyone is safe."

Bermudez adds there are also back rooms, outdoor areas, and table partitions for worried customers.

"I mean, just go with what they say. Wear your mask and stay safe, that's all," said Robert Tomas from Southwest Philadelphia.

Some other bars in Philadelphia have been requiring proof of vaccination to enter after a late summer spike of COVID cases due to the Delta variant.

Because of COVID concerns, some Eagles fans stayed in for the game.

"I'm not secure yet going in there, and then with this delta stuff they're talking about, you just have to be safe," said Renee Cuffee from South Philadelphia.

Adam Devorin from Northern Liberties said, "I just want to do it a little bit lower key. I think we still should be a little bit cautious."

Others say they feel fine going out.

"We're vaccinated, so we're comfortable being here. We wear our mask in and take it off to eat," said Rhea Kelsall, who watched the game at Chickie's and Pete's.

Customer Andy Perdick added, "I'm excited. It's good to be back out and stuff, see people and have a great time, have the atmosphere back."

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