Philadelphia Flower Show wraps up final day at FDR Park

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show is in the books. For the first time in 193 years, the annual event was held outside in South Philadelphia's FDR Park.

Exhibitors and members of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society transformed the park into beautiful gardens with interactive exhibits.

A second-time visitor to the flower show, Nicole Boatragh of Middletown, Delaware mulled over which exhibit was her favorite.

"It was a golden man sitting on a chair and a whole bunch of flowers sitting on the table," said Boatragh.

Eight-year-old Logan Plaza of East Falls had a different favorite.

"The butterfly room because there are butterflies everywhere," said Plaza.

Jamila Kinsey of Overbrook said she learned tips from the professionals during the event.

"I take pictures of flowers we've never seen before and see how we can incorporate them into our own garden," said Kinsey.

Kinsey joined her mom, daughter, and twin sister, Tamika Willams, on their annual tradition started by their brother, who has passed away.
Last year, the pandemic canceled the event.

"We kept the tradition going. Last year with the pandemic, we couldn't go, so we made up for lost time," said Williams.

Matt Rader, the President of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which is in charge of the event, said this is their main fundraiser.

"It also raises money for work that we do in 250 neighborhoods around the region. Planting trees, tending community gardens, creating access to food and job opportunities. We make this region healthier and a better place to live," said Rader.

Many of those who attended this year said they want it outdoors permanently.

"Being outside is a better experience, especially with all this year of COVID," said Kathryn Plaza of East Falls.

" I think inside, it was kind of cramped, but this is a bigger area," said Nicole Boatragh.
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