$10,000 prize for essay about modern communication

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Friday, November 11, 2016

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A powerful new exhibit is opening this weekend at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and it hopes to inspire an essay worthy of a $10,000 prize.[br /][br /]The Action Cam was given a first look at the "Covering Letter" by artist Jitish Kallat.[br /][Ads /][br /]It is an immersive experience set to a letter written by Gandhi to Hitler. In it, Gandhi makes a plea for Hitler not to start World War II.[br /][br /]He even refers to him as a "friend."[br /][br /]The tone of the letter inspired Ajay Raju to create an essay contest where teenagers are urged to explore the current methods of communication.[br /][br /]"Consider people with whom we have opposing views as potential friends, to have empathy to understand. That is a new cycle conversation we want to start, especially post-election, probably one of the most divisive elections in modern times, if not history," Raju said.[br /][Ads /][br /]For more on the contest, visit [url HREF="[br /]http://rajufoundationpa.org/covering-letter-essay-contest/" TARGET="blank" REL=""]RajuFoundationPa.org[/url].[br /][br /]The "Covering Letter" will be on display through March 5th.[br /][br /]6abc is a proud media partner of the exhibit and the essay contest.

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