The Phillies' big-name manager, roster aren't getting it done. So who's to blame?

Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Phillies' high-priced roster isn't getting it done. Who's to blame?
Here we are, another week and we're still talking about the struggling Philadelphia Phillies.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Here we are, another week and we're still talking about the Phillies' struggles.

As of Tuesday, they had lost 11 of 15 and find themselves down by double digits in the N.L. East.

Given that they've played 50 games, we can no longer use the excuse that it's early in the season.

Maybe this is just who they are?

A team with a big-name lineup that doesn't consistently hit night in and night out.

A team with a bullpen that struggles year in and year out.

A team that continues to make silly defensive mistakes.

A team with a manager who makes questionable decisions.

Is it the manager? It's funny, I spoke with Gabe Kapler who was in town this week with the Giants and pointed out that the same issues that plagued his Phillies teams, are still here.

So it wasn't him.

Maybe its the organization? The makeup of the roster?

After all, Kapler left and won 107 games with the Giants last season.

The Phils haven't been this many games under 500 since the end of 2017, which is what made them hire Kapler in the first place.

The difference is, this year they have the largest payroll they have EVER had.

And large expectations come with that. So why are they coming up so small?