Lost West Oak Lane woman pens thank you letter to police who helped escort her to the library

Elizabeth Bush had just turned down a one way street while trying to get to the Ogontz Library and she was lost.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A wrong turn, a one-way street and a police escort to the library.

It's the story of a West Oak Lane woman's chance encounter with police and her thank you note to them that has grabbed a lot of attention on Twitter.

"I turned down what seemed like a fine street to me and I noticed the police put on their light and that beep- beep," said Elizabeth Bush.

She had just turned down a one-way street while trying to get to the Ogontz Library and she was lost.

"He says 'Ma'am with the library you go up here you make a right, then make a left.' I was looking so perplexed," she said.

"So we just turned ourselves around and told her to follow us over there and made sure she got there safely," said Officers Antonio Quinones and Michael Porrini.

"I think that's the most important thing. Me and my partner always stress that if our family was in need, we would want the officer to show up and provide the service," said Officer Quinones.

Moved by the encounter, Bush penned a thank you letter and sent it to the 35th District.

"It's pretty endearing to write a letter. That takes some thought to pull out a piece of paper and a pen to actually write a letter about your thoughts and actually reflect on that actual experience. I'm appreciative that Ms. Bush did acknowledge the officers in the 35th," said Captain Myesha Massey, Commanding Officer of the 35th District.

"I think nice things happen all the time. People just don't say, they just let it go by. But I thought they deserved to know they're appreciated," said Bush.

The funniest part of the whole ordeal was Elizabeth said after all that, when she got to the library - it was closed! She had to wait a bit for it to open so she could get the book she needed.

She said it was just one of the days, of course with a happy ending.
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