Philadelphia School of Circus Arts hosts circus summer camp for kids

WEST MOUNT AIRY (WPVI) -- Step right up, ladies and gentlemen - or shall we say, children. A local summer camp is inviting kids to run away and join the circus, at least until school starts up again.

"My group just did 'Clowning,' which is learning how to be funny on stage with all of the juggling supplies and stuff," said 9-year-old Lyla Darwin. "It was really fun. I am working on juggling four balls, and it's only the first day of camp!"

The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts is once again hosting Circus Camp for kids in West Mount Airy.

Here, children will float through the air with the greatest of ease on the flying trapeze. They also learn to juggle, walk the aerial rope, spin on silks, and more.
"The kids here learn how to do scary things in a safe environment, which is the essence of the circus, right?" said Ali Rogers, Program Director for The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

"They climb to the ceiling. They spin around the trapeze. They jump on the trampoline. They walk on the tight wire. They get to do things that might seem really scary at first, but they're supported and they are encouraged and given the chance to say 'No.'"

The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts summer camp is open to kids ages four to 18

They host classes and programs all year, but the summer camp runs now through August.
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