Dozens of Philly sanitation employees joined city workers for workplace protections rally

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Philadelphia sanitation workers rally outside City Hall
Dozens of demonstrators demanded personal protection equipment, hazard pay and a promise of no cuts or layoffs.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia sanitation, water department and other city workers rallied on the steps of City Hall this Labor Day looking for better pay and protections.

"We have three simple demands: hazardous pay is number one, PPE and no layoffs.

The labor struggle may be most evident in the sanitation saga. As trash piled up along city streets, the city accused sanitation workers of abusing sick time after hazard pay was revoked. Sanitation workers were denied the charge.

Rally organizer, Terrill Haigler, says he and other sanitation workers should be deemed essential and receive hazardous pay.

"Our job is hazardous. We don't get a list which houses have tested positive when we pick up their trash. We don't know what people are putting out. We don't know what's in the truck what's in the bag," said Haigler.

There are concerns with city budgets battered, layoffs could be looming. Union members from across different industries came out to support their fellow workers on Monday.