Phillie Phantic shows off drawing skills on MLB Network

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Bryce Harper surprises Phillie Phanatic with birthday present
Bryce Harper had a very special gift for the Phillies Phanatic on his birthday.

Did you know the Phillie Phanatic can draw? We use the word 'draw' very loosely, by the way.

The best baseball mascot ever created was a guest on MLB Network's 'MLB Central' Wednesday morning.

The show featured the game 'Central Scribble,' their take on 'Win, Lose or Draw,' with hosts Ken Rosenthal and Lauren Shehadi, Team Barbie & Ken, battling Mark DeRosa (University of Pennsylvania graduate) and Tom Verducci (Penn State University graduate), Team Philling the Void.

The Phanatic was designated drawer for DeRosa and Verducci.

Because the Phanatic represents the Phillies, the category was individuals associated with the National League East.

First, the Phanatic had to draw Atlanta Braves shortstop 'Dansby Swanson.' He appeared to be not familiar at first, giving host Robert Flores a 'so-so' hand gesture.

But don't count the Phanatic out. To get the players to guess, he drew - what else - a swan. DeRosa guessed correctly.

When Shehadi got up to draw for her team, the Phanatic took her seat, with a big hop.

"I can't see past the Phanatic," Rosenthal said.

Barbie & Ken got a point for their clue which was 'Mr. Met.'

The Phanatic next had to draw Washington Nationals outfielder 'Adam Eaton' (or 2008 World Champion Phillies pitcher Adam Eaton).

He quickly went to work drawing what appeared to be an atom, an apple, and then a mouth. But his team did not guess it.

"Adam with the apple? That's a reach. Give me 15 for that, Phanatic," DeRosa said.

And the Phanatic obliged, giving push-ups on the studio floor.

Braves right fielder 'Nick Markakis' was the next clue for Rosenthal. Their team did not get that one.

With the Phanatic back at the drawing board, his clue was Braves catcher 'Tyler Flowers.'

The Phanatic first drew a tie and then flowers. Philling the Void got it and took the lead!

The Phanatic was so happy he gave DeRosa a big smooch. But the Phanatic did not like it too much.

Mets pitcher 'Zach Wheeler' was the next clue for Barbie & Ken. They guessed correctly and tied the game at two points each.

In the tie-breaker, the Phanatic was the drawer and everyone was eligible to guess.

The answer was 'Blooper,' the Braves mascot who recently got the best of Bryce Harper.

After the Phanatic just drew a Braves hat and an oblong shape, Shehadi guessed it and won the game.

But really, the MLB Network viewers won because they got to watch the Phanatic entertain.