Philly Goat Project gives goats a chance to help save the environment

The Philly Goat Project is an unsuspecting and unknown city treasure that's creating a major environmental, eco-friendly impact.

Tucked away in the city's Germantown section, you can find furry and curious goats grazing for a good cause.

It may not seem groundbreaking, but this simple act of eating is preserving our earth.

"They are an introduction to concepts of sustainability," says co-director Lily Sage. "We think of them as ambassadors."

The goats clear invasive things like poison ivy, without the use of pesticides.

"Goats are able to cut out the middle man by not being a noisy piece of machinery, they're quiet," Sage explains.
"You don't have to plug them in either, they are both a pet and a lawnmower," says co-director Karen Krivit, a co-director and Sage's mother.

Right now, they're munching on old Christmas trees donated by city residents.

Those trees would otherwise have ended up in landfills.

"We have 14 goats here," Sage explains. "They are different ages and we have different kinds of goats."

The goats live on 55 acres at the Awbury Arboretum.
"This is a play land for kids and goats," Krivit says.

And you can hire them for your own yard if you need it grazed.

"Our goats are incredibly sweet and gentle and loving and well trained," Sage says.

Philly Goat Project offers community walks, goat yoga, goat therapy and tons of programs for kids.

"We are starting a YouTube channel called Goat City, where we will be able to work with all of those classrooms that are working from home right now because goats are really good teachers," Sage says.
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