Philadelphia residents thinking about impending snowstorm while enjoying mild weekend

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Monday, December 14, 2020
Local businesses, residents prepare for snow
Local businesses, residents prepare for snow

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Even in mid-December, southeastern Pennsylvania continues to receive warm weather with Sunday in the 60s.

"I can't even believe it," said Tony Wall, who was walking around in Fishtown. "The weather has been so nice, it's been such a mild winter you know and then all of a sudden there's going to be snow."

Pennsylvania is gearing up for a major winter storm this week. Meteorologist Chris Sowers says on Monday, residents will see some rain mixed with snow across the region. All eyes are on Wednesday's forecast. Parts of the region, like Bucks, Chester and Montgomery counties, could see significant snowfall.

Meteorologist Chris Sowers says Monday's storm could bring some light snow to northwest suburbs. Wednesday's storm could bring significant snow to parts of the region.

"I can't wait. I hope it comes and I'm really looking forward to some snow because we didn't have any last season," said John D'Arcy of Rittenhouse.

"We already got corona, we don't need no snow," said Latoya Bolden of West Philadelphia.

Rashad Wade of Southwest Philadelphia said he is tired of the constant changes in temperature.

"It was actually a little nice today earlier in the day and now it's cold and then the snow," he said.

Kristy Burrows runs Wild Desire Treasure Shop, a pop-up outdoor retail shop throughout Philadelphia. She said she wants the unusually warm weather to stick around.

As a wave of mild temps hit the Philadelphia region, many residents are quickly turning their attention to the possibility of a major snowstorm this week.

"It's kind of been helping me because my hours have been reduced and it's definitely helping me make it through the state of the world, so the weather is pretty important to me," said Burrows.

And COVID-19 restrictions have forced restaurants to adapt to outdoor dining. Johnny Brenda's manager, Phil Sutton, said they aren't doing anything to prepare for the cold except staying optimistic.

"Hope for the best," said Sutton. "It's going to get cold no matter what. January and February are going to be pretty tough, but people are still going to want to come out with cabin fever."