Philadelphia delivery man gets COVID-19 vaccine while on hoagie run

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A Philadelphia delivery man on a hoagie run Thursday ended up with a pretty valuable tip to his name.

Following a delivery to a vaccination site, Eric Fink of Fink's Hoagies in Tacony was offered a COVID-19 vaccine.

Fink, 32, told Action News he was sent to Lincoln High School in Northeast Philadelphia to deliver enough of the iconic sandwiches to feed about 20 to 25 people working and volunteering at the vaccination clinic.

"We ended up donating the hoagies since they're helping out in our community," Fink said.

Fink said while he was there, volunteers asked him if he wanted the shot. The site was allowing a limited number of walkups for the day.

"They asked me, 'Oh did you get your vaccine yet?' I said, 'No, I'm waiting.' She said, 'Do you want one today?' I said, 'Yea,'" recalled Fink in an interview with Action News.

He ended up with the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Fink said he couldn't turn down the opportunity to get a vaccine and has enjoyed the Philly-centric love he's been receiving for documenting the experience.

"You must have gotten the Jawnson & Jawnson shot," replied one of the many fans of the tale.

Pennsylvania-based snack giant Herr's even jumped in.

"I bet they included our chips, that's why," the company joked.

Fink says he did get a couple of calls asking why he wasn't back at work yet.

"He wasn't too happy with me," said Fink about his dad's reaction. "I got a text while I was there asking where I was at because I was taking forever. Someone else texted me saying, 'We are busy, your dad said where are you?'"

Fink says so far he's feeling good and that he was already planning on getting the vaccine next week.

"Overall experience was good," he said. "A lot easier and quicker than I expected. Especially, from some of the stories I've been hearing."
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